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All of our sites are PEFC-certified. Only products from PEFC-certified forests and following an uninterrupted chain of certified manufacturing and distribution companies can claim the PEFC label. On a wooden or wood-based product (including paper and cardboard), the PEFC label certifies:

  • that the forest owner that grew the trees and the forestry company that harvested and transported the wood implemented PEFC sustainable forestry management practices;
  • that all the companies involved in the transformation and sale of this wood applied PEFC traceability rules;

The PEFC label thus guarantees consumers that the product they are buying comes from responsible sources and that the purchase contributes to the sustainable management of forests. Sustainable management of a forest means consideration of environmental, social and economic aspects.

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Monnet-Sève Sougy has the CE mark for its various production sites. The CE mark was created for the European technical harmonization legislation. It is a visible sign from the manufacturer that its products comply with the regulatory requirements that enable free movement throughout the European Union. The CE mark on products is the result of a procedure to assess the compliance of these products with the essential requirements defined by the applicable Directives and Regulations (in this case, the Construction Products Regulation – CPR).

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At its various sites, our group has multi-dimensional measurement equipment, more commonly known as scalers, that are used when the logs first arrive. These tools enable measurement of the exact volumes received. This information is compared with our production data and output volumes to produce performance analyses. The CTB Roundwood Volume Measurement certification therefore enables clarification of the measurement of the volumes of wood processed by our sites, because it is being based on rules developed by and shared throughout the industry. This certification involves an independent third party audit by FCBA.

Find out more about the reference system and data sheets concerning this certification on the FCBA website.


All of our sites have this certification. It was introduced in June 2003 following the merger of CTB Sawn Timber and CTB Hardwoods to cover both hardwood and softwood sawn timber. Production inspections are carried out by FCBA, an independent body, certified by COFRAC for the “CERTIFICATION OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES”. This certification is based on a reference system that serves as a working and communication tool. 6 French and European standards are used as references by CTB Sawn Timber. These are the main properties certified:

  • Standardized mechanical or appearance visual grading;
  • Respect of “rough sawn” or “dry wood” dimensions with standardized tolerances;
  • dry wood humidity level;
  • Suitable packaging;

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BOis de France

The Bois de France brand was created to enable responsible consumption by users of everyday wooden products as well as users / buyers of wood for construction projects. There is no doubt that wood is a noble, warm, ecological and effective material. And if it comes from French forests and is processed by French industries, what more could we ask for! This is the promise of the Bois de France label. The choice of a Bois de France product comes with a double guarantee :

  • Wood from French forests,
  • processed in France.

Use Bois de France wood!

Find out more about the Bois de France label, created in 2020 by the French wood federation

BOis des Alpes

Bois des Alpes™ is a brand that reflects the commitment of a whole branch of the industry to optimize its actions in favor of the environment and local development. This label is a true guarantee for users of the wood products concerned: origin, sustainable development actions, technical quality, preservation of employment in mountain areas, etc. Use of Bois Des Alpes™ labeled wood is a reflection of this strong commitment. Timber industry businesses in the Alps seek this certification to meet satisfy these expectations. Certification means they can use the brand, subject to compliance with a strict specification, called the reference system, which has been certified by COFRAC.

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Our glued laminated timber manufacturing site in Sougy-Sur-Loire obtained the BTMC certification in 2020. This certification offers legal proof of compliance with the brand’s requirements, notably in terms of wood origin, quality and sustainable management, and its inclusion in public contracts. This is another milestone in our environmental and social responsibility approach. We can now respond to requests for glued laminated (glulam), glued solid and finger-jointed solid timber products within this geographic region.

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JAS – Japanese Agricultural Standard

The Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) is the certification that enables the marketing of organic products in Japan. Our group was accredited by MAFF, the Japanese ministry of agriculture, based on the following general guarantees:

  • protection of the environment and climate,
  • conservation of soil fertility
  • respect of natural cycles and animal well-being
  • non-use of synthetic chemical substances
  • non-use of GMOs
  • transparent labeling for consumers


In 1996, WCLIB became the first American grading organization to help European construction timber producers to enter the American markets and, over the following 22 years, WCLIB defined American design values for European species, trained grading technicians and helped European sawmills to develop their activities in the USA. In 2019, the Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB) and the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB) merged their activities. Although the company name was changed to PLIB, the WCLIB brand is still recognized and European members continue to receive the best quality inspection services in their category, uninterrupted support regardless of market conditions and unrivaled assistance with selling on American markets.