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What more logical choice for the environment than building in France with Bois de France timber, processed in France? Our local supply chains have obvious advantages from an environmental viewpoint because, as well as enabling rapid delivery, they produce less greenhouse gases than other materials, such as concrete, steel and aluminum, in particular.

A reasoned supply chain

Monnet-Sève Sougy has developed supply chain expertise, while developing solutions to minimize its carbon footprint. With almost all of its raw materials sourced in France, and the locations of our 5 sites in the main forestry regions, our teams can work according to a local supply chain approach. All the logistics stages are optimized to propose very high service quality, ranking among the best in the French and European timber industry: once the order has been confirmed, the teams at each site track its progress from preparation to loading and transport of the goods and reception by the client.

Product mix

We optimize the loads of our trucks. You can order from almost all of our product ranges, combining the order into a single delivery: cladding, glued-laminated timber, structural timber, timber frame construction materials, battens, moldings, terrace decking, etc.


Byproducts are increasingly transported to recycling and transformation sites by river, which helps to minimize the carbon footprint of the transport operation.

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