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The start of a long family tradition

The history of Monnet-Sève began in 1929 in Outriaz, in the Ain department of France. In this little village of the Bugey region, Célestin Monnet founded a framework and joinery business. He had a machine installed to saw the abundant fir trees from Outriaz forest into the planks and beams he needed to build houses.

A few years later, in 1942, his son-in-law, Maurice Sève, and Marius Monnet took over the business. Together, they transformed the framework business, concentrating on the development and mechanization of the sawmill at this site, which is still the company’s head office.

Industrialization of the group

In 1981, Jean Claude Sève and Guy Monnet started to boost the development of the business, creating a new sawmill in 1992 in the industrial park of Saint-Vulbas (Ain). In 1995, the Sougy-Sur-Loire site (Nièvre) was purchased and, in 2000, the Maîche site (Doubs) further expanded the group’s sawmill activity. The company thus became the leading multi-site softwood sawmill. Thomas Sève and Stéphane Vives joined the group in 1990-2000 to accelerate the technical and commercial development.





Diversification and innovation

2009 marked a turning point: diversification into glued laminated timber and the creation of an ultra-modern factory to promote this product, which was relatively little used at the time, turning this new timber product into the star of large-scale wood constructions. The group has continued to invest over the years with, for example, in 2015, the construction of Europe’s most modern sawn timber lines (Sougy-sur-Loire). Our group continues to grow, respectful of nature, the environment, people and the forest resources available. The buzz words of this family business are a love of wood, innovation, R&D and sustainable development. These priorities will guide the Monnet-Sève Sougy group through its future development in timber construction.