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Monnet-Sève Sougy current exports French softwood to Europe, Asia, the USA and Africa. Export products are delivered by land, sea or river transport. As well as our first and second transformation process products, we also export genuine expertise and know-how, recognized by our loyal customers both in Europe and beyond. As Europe’s leading Douglas fir sawmill en Europe, Monnet-Sève Sougy responds very quickly to customer requests thanks to the availability of its multiple sawmill sites, which are located close to raw material sources, major road links and ports.

The group has developed significant experience exporting first and second transformation timber, enabling us to adapt to the specific demands of each country. Douglas fir for the Netherlands? Fir for the USA? The group adapts its softwood offer to the requirements of each of its international customers. In terms of regulations, we have all the essential international certifications: PEFC, CE marking, JAS for Japan, etc.

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